My Bucket List

  1. Ride a bull (a real one, not that mechanical bull nonsense)
  2. Skydive with my friend, Julie
  3. Ride horses with my sister on the Oregon Coast
  4. Watch a Broadway show in New York
  5. Spend time alone in the wilderness
  6. Be a TOTAL tourist in Rome… the whole kit and caboodle.  I need to see EVERYTHING
  7. Throw a penny off the Golden Gate Bridge
  8. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  9. Go through the Louvre
  10. Learn to dance several styles, but primarily Ballroom and Salsa
  11. Sail a pirate ship
  12. Jump off a cliff into the ocean
  13. Parasail
  14. Spend the night in a real castle
  15. Observe a moment of silence while at Auschwitz or Dachau
  16. Sing the Team America theme song in front of Mt. Rushmore
  17. Visit every major island in the Caribbean
  18. Trace my lineage back to my ancestors’ immigration to America
  19. Go to the Metropolitan Opera
  20. Get ridiculously dressed up and just run everyday errands
  21. Ride an elephant
  22. Be the Master of Ceremonies for an event
  23. Shave my head
  24. Hike into and out of the Grand Canyon
  25. Plan an extravagant party for someone special
  26. Speak fluent French
  27. Learn to surf
  28. Learn to shoot a handgun
  29. Lean to accurately shoot a bow
  30. Read the most influential books and novels of all time… it’s a really long list
  31. Snowboard down a Double Black Diamond without going most of the way on my butt
  32. Go on a Mediterranean cruise
  33. Leave a $100 tip
  34. Shake hands with a President of the US (preferably Barack Obama)
  35. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  36. Serve the homeless at a soup kitchen
  37. See Stonehenge
  38. Go whale-watching
  39. Pay my parents back for college… and all of the other things that they’ve paid for
  40. Have a tea party in a garden
  41. Grow an amazing flower garden
  42. Spend the night in a tree
  43. Visit Avonlea on Prince Edward Island and imagine I’m Anne Shirley
  44. Go on a historical tour of the East Coast
  45. Visit Gettysburg
  46. Send postcards to myself from all fifty states
  47. Go to Disney World
  48. Shop at Mall of America
  49. Learn to perform a burlesque dance number
  50. Swim with Manatees
  51. Swim with Sea Turtles
  52. Find a hidden treasure
  53. Bet on a horse race at Churchhill Downs
  54. Ride in a gondola in Venice
  55. Run a half marathon
  56. Run a full marathon (Or the Caldera Triple…)
  57. Complete a Coast to Coast road trip across America
  58. Make a pilgrimage
  59. Hire a personal shopper
  60. Plan to meet someone at the top of the Empire State Building a la An Affair to Remember
  61. Participate in a flash mob
  62. Become a mother
  63. Go prospecting for gold/other precious metals
  64. Find a creative way to leave my mark on the destinations I’ve traveled
  65. Four words that few but those who know me will understand: Smash ALL the pennies!
  66. Learn fluent American Sign Language
  67. Sleep in an overnight train
  68. Go to Carnival in Rio
  69. Spend a week at a 5-star spa
  70. Write and publish a book