Meet Huxley: an in-depth Rover profile

Huxley is a very quirky dog. His ideal caretaker would love him despite his weirdness, like I do.

He’s not very social, but does get along well with other dogs, cats, and kids. He growls when you try to pet him, but he’s never bitten anyone. He’s just nervous. If you stop petting him, he is usually back at your feet immediately, looking for more attention.

Beware the exposed belly. He might act like he wants tummy rubs, but he’s got an itchy trigger finger and he’ll shoot pee at you. When he rolls over, the best tactic is to walk away before he gets too excited.

He is extremely suspicious of his back legs and tail… and will attack them when he feels threatened (meaning a lot of growling and twirling).

He doesn’t like it when things move. Pulling out a chair or sliding a coffee table will lead to him barking frantically and digging at the feet of the furniture.

He barks at anything that makes him nervous – so practically everything.

When he thinks he’s been abandoned, he will cry, howling mournfully until you tell him that oh my gosh, you’re right there in the kitchen and just left him for one minute so hush already.

Some good news: he can’t jump, so your couches and beds are safe. However, he’ll bounce up and down next to you until you decide to lift him up next to you.

He doesn’t wear a collar and isn’t leash trained. When he is wearing a collar/leash, he will flop on his side and wiggle like a fish on a line as soon as he feels any pressure. He’s not really built for walks, anyway. A quarter mile in and you’d need to carry him the rest of the way. That’s the burden of three-inch legs.

He’s crate trained and housebroken.

He doesn’t care for any toys but one, and that is his Monkey. Monkey is his absolute favorite, and he’ll play fetch quite contentedly with it for as long as you’ll play with him.

Huxley is great at cuddling. He is quite content to snuggle under a blanket on your lap for hours on end.

This profile may sound like he’s neurotic. He is. But he is a good boy, and I hope we’ll meet someone who can help care for him who thinks he’s a good boy, too.


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