A Non-Typical Morning on the Farm

Approx 8:45 – I wake up congested, achy, and nauseous… good morning, America. How are ya?

9:03 – Let the three house dogs out, drop some Airborne into a glass of water.

9:10 – Let the dogs back into the house and feed them.

9:11 – Try to choke down the Airborne (I dislike the stuff) and some Tylenol.

Note: The previous time stamps really have nothing to do with the rest of the story. However, I did say in the title that it would be a non-typical morning on the farm. This means from wake-up to present, including all inconsistencies.

9:25 – Notice a kid (ok, he’s probably 17 or something) pacing back and forth by our mailbox. I also notice a small sporty looking car with the hazards on less than a quarter-mile from the house.

9:26 – Search for my shoes, cell phone, and sweatshirt. Tell my sister that I’m going to help some people, who have broken down on the road, and that if I don’t come back soon, that’s where I’ve been.

9:30 – At this point the kid had returned to the car. Mukluk (my Siberian Husky) and I walk towards the vehicle. The kid gets back out and meets me part way. They (there were 3 others in the car) had blown a tire and although they had a jack and a spare tire, the tire iron they had wouldn’t fit into their wheel to reach the lug nuts.

9:34 – Return to the farm in search of a smaller tire iron.

9:38 – Call my dad and have him direct me to any tire irons we might have. Since they were all too large, he then directed me to the socket wrenches. While searching, our hired hand, Jose arrives and helps me by handing me some different sized sockets to try.

9:44 – Return to the car to try the sockets, which don’t fit.

9:48 – Return to the house to exchange sockets.

9:51 – Call my dad and have him tell me which other sizes might fit the small Mitsubishi.

9:55 – Mukluk and I return to the vehicle.

9:59 – The kid’s father had just arrived to assist his son. Mukluk, friendly dog that she is, trots up to greet him, to which the dad says “Back off, F****** mutt!” and kicks Mukluk.

9:59:30 – I tell them that they will have to find other tools to fix their flat tire.

10:00 – Return to the farm, Mukluk at my heels.

10:05 – I decide that I need to blog…

The moral of the morning: Even if you would like to practice kindness toward everyone, some people simply don’t deserve your time and efforts.


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