Sherlock: A Glimpse Into My Life


Everyone, I would like you to meet Sherlock.  He has kindly made my bedroom a livable temperature since I don’t have heat. Electricity is wonderful! And so are space heaters.

Why did I post this picture, you ask? Well, it gives a small glimpse into my life, telling you a little more about me.

For instance, I have a propensity for naming things. Inanimate things… like plants, appliances, cars, clothing, and the list goes on. I consider my naming process a serious business. To give an example, I will use Sherlock.

Now, when I’m fond of something, the name needs to be endearing. So favorite characters or people are often the namesake of my belongings. My first impulse was to name him (of course it’s a him… he’s full of hot air) R2D2. After all, it is a space heater. It just didn’t fit. There was a decided lack of cute beeps and boops. The brand name became my inspiration, as many of you probably guessed. Thus, I dubbed him Sherlock.

What else can be learned from this picture? In this spirit of Mr. Holmes, let us make some deductions.

  1. The dials turned to the max show us that it must be VERY cold in this room. (I can confirm this deduction. My tootsies are a bit frigid)
  2. The hideous burnt orange shag tells you that this room was carpeted in the early 70’s
  3. The Norton Anthology of English Literature tells you that I’ve taken English Lit classes in college. Also, that there are things that can be done with college textbooks that the bookstore won’t buy back.

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