And here I am!

First, let me state the obvious:

Jessica is a very common name

As a result, giving this blog a name which even closely resembles my own was somewhat of a verbal challenge. JessicaMcAnally was taken (I should look her up and give her heck for having my name). Of course Jessica is too simple, as is JessicaM, as is JessicaLynn, etc.

So the next option was to get creative.  After all that is what I’m here for, n’est pas?  Let’s try the name game again. ThatsWhatJessicaSaid… nope. JessicasSideOfTheStory… nope. Then I got lazy and tried WritingJessica, JessicaWrites, and JessicaBlogs. (That’s REALLY lazy come to think of it)

Apparently my creative juices were not at their best. I angrily typed in JessicaIsAReallyCommonName. Oh, of course that one is actually available.  Someone else can take that one. I’ve done the research for you. You’re welcome.

Finally, I arrived at this conclusion, which is now my introduction…

A blog was born this 16th day of the first month in the year 2013 anno domini, and it was christened “Things That Start With J”

Now, the story(ies) can begin!


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